"The best skin you've ever had"

Want the best skin you have ever had? Get a comprehensive skin analysis, which will identify your skin type, condition of your skin and allow Louise to prescribe a personalised skin care regime for your optimal dermal health. Louise always treats the underlying cause of conditions such as pigmentation, acne, problem skin, scarring, and anti-ageing.

Skin care doesn't have to be found at the end of a needle. Achieve skin confidence and reveal the original beauty of your skin with our Thalgo face products and treatments. Praised by beauty professionals and adopted by thousands of women, Thalgo skin solutions provide corrective beauty results. Proved scientifically yet still sensorial, Louise's anti-ageing products and treatments provide the answer to beautiful skin.


Treatments Personalised For You...

Lumière Marin Facial
Thalgo’s high performance anti-pigmentation and rejuvenating facial effectively reduces pigmentation marks and dark spots which can arise from environmental stressors such as pollution, smoking, UV rays and blue light, giving the skin a dull and less youthful appearance.

With progressive triple exfoliation and the clarifying powers of Brown Algae extract, this effective treatment provides a tailor-made correction of all skin tone and dark spot concerns, for a clearer, brighter complexion.

Silicium Marin Super-Lift Facial
This high-performance Thalgo star treatment excels in correcting loss of firmness and smoothing pronounced wrinkles. At the heart of its protocol, a highly effective antiwrinkle massage and a professional double mask firm, erase wrinkles and restore the complexion's luminosity.

Thalgo 3 Algae Facial
Experience true marine beauty with this signature algae facial, suitable for all skin types. Following the Discovery of the Sea welcome massage, unique brush cleanse and exfoliation, a mask of pure natural seaweed is applied to remineralise and revitalise the skin. Thalgo’s Heart of the Ocean massage recreates the rhythmic motions of the sea to relax and relieve tension, and an application of serum and moisturiser tailored to your skin type leave your complexion soft, radiant and beautiful.

Peeling Marin Renewing Treatment
from £50
A gradual, customised approach to meet each skin concern

Peeling Marin Treatment (30 min)
The Peeling Marin Treatment* with acids from Fermented Micronised Marine Algae gives a ‘new skin’ effect in 30 mins: smoothing, radiance, plumpness.

Peeling Marin Treatment Course (2 x 30min)
The Peeling Marin Treatment* with acids from Fermented Micronised Marine Algae which fights against the signs of aging: wrinkles, pores, tonicity.

Peeling Marin Intensive Treatment Course (3 x30min) 
The Peeling Marin Intensive Treatment* with acids from Fermented Micronised Marine Algae which fights the signs of photo-aging of the skin: deep wrinkles, even skin tone, firmness. *Superficial peel



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